Michael Markowitz, Associate Partner
Mike Markowitz

LTC Global Marketing and Mike Markowitz Merge to Form One-Stop Shop for Long Term Care and Medicare Insurance Solutions

The Expanded Company Will Advise MD Residents, as Well as Those in Other States, on a Broad Array of Care-Related Products

AgentEllicott city, MD July 10, 2014 – Mike Markowitz and LTC Global Marketing Inc. have completed the merger of the two companies into one of America’s largest distributors of senior market insurance products.

There will be two marketing units, ACSIA Partners LLC (ACSIA) and United Insurance Group Agency, Inc. (UIG). ACSIA will offer long term care insurance and related services. UIG will offer Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicare Advantage and Part “D” Prescription Drug coverage.

“Now America’s seniors can come to one source for all their medical and care-related insurance needs,” says Michael Markowitz, MD-based agent with the company. “Until now they had to fulfill their health and long-term care insurance requirements in different places. It was needlessly complex and confusing.”

Worksite benefit programs will benefit from the new one-stop shop too. “In MD and all across the nation, we can now offer a wider array of benefits for employees everywhere,” says Markowitz.

The new organization, through its ACSIA and UIG units, will field more than 400 specialists in addition to Markowitz, serving consumers and organizations in all states. “With our combined resources, we can reach more people and do more for them than ever," says Markowitz.

Michael Markowitz is a leading long term care solutions agent in MD, serving consumers as well as organizations. “We’re glad to help them find the best, most affordable solution for their situation,” Markowitz says. Information is available from Markowitz at mike.markowitz@ltcfp.net, http://www.ltciman.com/ or 410-455-0680.

In California, prior to the merger, the company was known as LTC Partners & Insurance Services; in other states, as LTC Financial Partners.

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